Bespoke Fused Glass Art

Welcome to bespoke fused glass art, where creativity and craftsmanship come together to create unique and beautiful works of art tailored to your needs. I specialise in custom-made pieces made specifically for your requirements.  These can include pieces of art created specifically for your home, as functional decor, stunning jewellery, or personal or corporate gifts, each crafted with attention to detail and artistry.

Using kiln-fired glass fusing, slumping, and casting techniques, I work closely with you to understand your preferences and incorporate them into every stage of the project. Let me create a bespoke glass art piece that exceeds your expectations, reflecting your individuality and making a lasting impression.

One of my most requested items are Pet Portraits. Find out more here

Feel free to browse the gallery below for examples of bespoke glass panels and feel free to contact me at to discuss the next steps.